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Egab was created in late 2020 out of the belief that there is undiscovered talent that finds it difficult to access reputable regional and international news organisations. Today’s news coverage is focused on what's happening in big cities, ignoring interesting stories in lesser-known areas. although the world we live in is full of problems, it is also full of solutions. There are people responding to every problem we face but most of the time we do not hear about them in the news, which leads to a skewed negative and regional specific portrayal of our world. Therefore, more balanced reporting is needed to generate a truer reflection of our world. Today we have supported local journalists across 32 countries to get published in top media outlets. Our work has been recognised by several awards but our biggest trophy is helping you - local journalists and media outlets - tell inspiring stories for global audiences.
Why Egab?
Egab is the best solution
Access If you are a journalist, Egab enables you to reach a large number of news organisations from your hometown. If you are a news editor, Egab helps you access a large pool of contributors and stories from all over the Middle East and Africa.
Quality Egab ensures the quality of stories commissioned through it. Our journalists receive guidance and mentoring from start to finish, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, engaging pieces.
Diversity Egab enables media outlets to truly meet their diversity and inclusion goals and ensure the various communities across the Middle East and Africa have their fair share of representation.
Money We also ensure our journalists are fairly paid for their work by offering our advice on what is a good rate for the stories they pitch. We also save media outlets money as they don’t have to fly in reporters or pay for accommodation and/or fixers, since our journalists are locals.
How Egab works?
For Editors
Sign up using your work email Start using our services by creating an account using your work email address. Once your account is created, you can go through the pitches available on the platform. You can filter your search by theme or location to find the most relevant pitches to your interest.
Commission A Story Contact the journalist for more details and, if satisfied, commission the story according to the agreed upon fee with the reporter.
Check or request pitches In addition to checking the pitches available on the platform, you can request to receive pitches around a certain theme or from a certain country. You can also request quick reporting on a breaking news event. We will make sure to respond to these requests as quickly as possible.
Hassle-free Payment Once the story is filed, we’ll receive your payment and process it to journalists. So you don’t have to worry about managing invoices or bank transfers to journalists in remote areas.
How Egab works?
For journalists
Create a profile Tell us about your skills, languages and beat.
Start pitching Submit your solutions journalism pitch, mentioning the possible formats for the story, the languages you can produce it in and the time needed to deliver it.
Get Feedback You will receive customised feedback on your pitches. We don't accept every pitch that is submitted. But even when we reject a pitch, we will explain to you why, so you can learn and develop and submit better pitches in the future.
Hassle-free Payment Once a commission is secured and the story is delivered, we will receive the payment and process into your bank account after taking our commission.
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Amazing experience i love it a lot. Thanks to the team that dreams come true, great! I appreciate there attitude and approach. Truly professionals!
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You can see some of our stories published on top regional and international media outlets here:
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Elizabeth Ita speaks at the 2022 Children's Health Mental Week. Held simultaneously across three southeastern states in Nigeria.
Meet Our Team

Egab is made up of a small fast-growing team of dedicated professionals with a diverse skill set, working together to revolutionize the field of journalism.
Dina Aboughazala
The Founder
Dahlia Kholaif
Editorial Director
Nasr Galal
Software Engineer
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